“Not even bed time and can’t stop thinking about waking up early to train tomorrow again. Fighterfit for the win. #boxing #london #sweatisfatcrying”. Diego.

“Absolutely love everything about Fighterfit I’ve been going three years strong now… Best boxing gym in London I reckon! Seriously check it out if you want a new challenge!!” Pamela.

“I have been boxing with Fighterfit for about 4 years.  Always a great mixture of technique, fitness, fighting and most of all FUN! Francesco and the team are brilliant, totally dedicated to their passion (boxing) and their customers (us)! Not a chance to get bored.”  Andrea Golino

” I have Been going to FF for 2 years now.  The coaches are friendly and helpful. They have a knack of always motivating me to push myself to the limit. Plus the new gym looks great. Since coming back to FF I’ve lost 3 stone in 3 months.” Shan Isam

Survived my first 7am boxing class. F***ing rad!!! If you’re thinking you need to get rid of that nasty beer belly come join Fighterfit Gym Diego M******

“Great Session, knackered but so worth it! Best boxing class we’ve been to by far. 🙂 ” Katerina ********

“Damn I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed that! Amazing new location, massive congrats…When I’ve stopped aching I’ll be back.” @sjohnsondesign

@TheBrekkyClub Some call him Champ, Some know his as Fighterfit, we know him as the world’s greatest boxing coach. Thanks for keeping BC managers for 2013

“First class last night and now I’m aching in muscles I didn’t know I had, so the session must have been doing something good!! Thanks very much to those who helped me out as a newcomer 🙂 Looking forward to the next session.” Ashley ****

“Big thank you to FighterFit for a hard session today” @FelaKuti**** 

“Every single muscle in my body is in pain @FighterFit…. I complain AM to PM about it, but when I’m not in pain I don’t feel fulfilled lol!!!” @Miss_Sh******

“Back to @FighterFit, yay! pic.twitter.com/fqOnoFPPvd” @y_aco***

“I train at the best #gym #London @FighterFit.”@DaryllLand 

“Today @FighterFit ended the year with a BANG literally lost a stone tonight. Lol.” @V3SC**

“Once you get December out of the way & the January health kick beckons we’d suggest a beasting from @FighterFit in his new gym. Legend.” @TheBrekkyClub

“Thanks @FighterFit loved and hated tonight’s class in equal measure (just as it should be) 🙂 ” @Dri** 

” Hardcore. But you’ll love it!” @Romeo*********

“Personal Training sessions with Francesco are fantastic, guaranteed to bring your fitness level up, proper boxing form and technique.  You know you had a great workout when you feel it the next day.”Shane *******

“First @Fighterfit session of 2014 done! , man a month out of boxing is a long time. Knackered but feel great. Francesco & Sami = Top guys.” @Halidd******

“Yes! On Thursday @kell******* and I are going to get our boxing on @Fighterfit” @Halidd******

“Shout out @Fighterfit & @upfitness for getting me in shape for the my film ‘ The Man Inside’” @Bashy