Back soon

We’re currently working on our fantastic new and improved yoga class – keep an eye for start dates.

To be great, as humans & boxers, we must be relaxed, centred and focused – as well as skilled. Inviting Yoga into your life is a fantastic way to enable you to fulfill your potential in and out of the ring. Your mind, body & spirit will thank you.  Your sparring partner? … Not so much!

Yoga offers flexibility, core strength, focus and relaxation and despite being completely different from boxing, it also works in total harmony; releasing and restoring the muscles you use on a regular basis. We like to think of it as Ying and Yang. There may be no ring or gloves involved, but the effect that Yoga can have  on your punch power as well as your quality of life, should not be under-estimated.

But don’t get it twisted – we ain’t about to mix-it! 

These classes are not a mixture of boxing and yoga. We believe that to harness the full benefits of yoga as well as boxing, each technique should be practiced in its pure form. The yoga classes are, however, designed with the physical requirements of boxers and those who challenge their bodies in mind. This means that while you most certainly don’t need to be a boxer to take part, but if you are – it’ll be just what the Doctor ordered.

“I’ve tried Yoga quite a few times and never felt connected to it. This lady cast a spell on me today, she was brilliant! FighterFit has the best yoga teacher” Pamela