As we always say at FighterFit, boredom is deadly, so these classes also promise to not always be the same. While respecting the structure of yoga, our trainer modifies each class to the needs of the students present and ensures variation, fun and results that you will benefit from immediately.

We understand that all of our bodies are different and one yoga pose does not fit all, so you won’t be forced into positions your body can’t get into, but you will be challenged and guided towards a steady progression.

Taking you away from the ‘busyness’ of your head this class provides mental and physical stress release, whilst simultaneously arming you with the following invaluable assets to take in the ring:

  • Improved Flexibility
  • Quicker Reactions
  • Core Strength
  • Joint Strength & Motion
  • Better Balance

Types of FighterFit Yoga Class

Brand new to yoga? Take our 4 week Intro to Yoga Course. It’s perfect for beginners.

If you’ve taken yoga before our Power Yoga is the one for you.