6 Week Beginners Boxing Course

This one of a kind, 6 week beginners boxing course will give you the best possible start in boxing. Ideal for those who have never boxed before and those with very limited experience. This is a fantastic, supportive and safe opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the sweet science.

Consisting of 6 x 75 minute classes, this detailed enrolment programme will give you a solid foundation in all the key areas of boxing. From getting started with putting on wraps, stance and footwork, to the main 6 punches all boxers must master, bag work, pads, shadow boxing and finally some basic light sparring. Learning from the best coaches in the business, this focused training will give you a head start, putting you on the fast track to achieving your boxing goals, whatever they may be.

Once the 6 weeks are up,  you will be in possession of a new skillset and increased confidence, fully prepped for the next phase of your boxing training journey.

This is a small class to give you maximum attention and all participants sign up for the entire 6 weeks.

Book your 6 week intro to boxing course here.