A class is nothing without a great teacher – and we have the best! … It’s OK – it’s not bragging if it’s true! It’s our flexible and diverse training methods that have cemented our reputation as one of the UK’s leading boxing training providers. Though to be honest, we actually think we are the best. Our coaches are fully qualified fitness professionals who are passionate about ensuring optimum fitness and health is achievable, fun and long lasting.

Francesco Picture

FRANCESCO – Senior Boxing Coach

The Boss. 🙂  During his 17 years as a boxing trainer Francesco has developed the unique style that has become synonymous with FighterFit. His relaxed & personal, but highly energised approach ensures that no 2 classes are the same, keeping his clients motivated and helping them achieve goals they didn’t believe possible.

A permanent student of the art of pugilism, he remains abreast of the latest training techniques and challenges to keep his clients stimulated and progressive. Francesco really does eat, sleep and breathe boxing so there’s really not much about the sport that he doesn’t know.

MARCO – Boxing

ZOE – Yoga

Zoe combines her past experiences working for Amnesty International, competing as a gymnast for ten years in her youth and more recently her personal tribulations with kidney surgeries to bring you a powerful, well rounded yoga practice.

Zoe speaks from a considerate and honest place, and having boxed with Francesco back at the Shoreditch studio, she knows what kind of yoga will serve you best!

Methodical sequencing, hands on assists and heavy focus on alignment mean beginners and advanced practitioners alike can access a straightforward yet challenging practice. You will leave lifted with a higher sense of awareness to your breath-body-mind connection – and a smile!

Hannah PictureHANNAH – Yoga

Hannah first fell in love with yoga whilst living in Australia in 2002 but it wasn’t until many years later when she trained as an actress that she discovered a steady structure of daily yoga – and the love was sealed! Since training to become a yoga teacher Hannah has taught Hot Power Yoga, Power Yoga and Vinyasa Flow across London. In addition to teaching Yoga for Boxers, Hannah has also developed yoga for cage fighters and a slower paced yoga style for surfers.

At the core of all her classes is a vinyasa flow- this literally means the breath is synchronized to the movement throughout creating a more fluid practice that is lead by the rhymth of your breath.