Time Outs most extreme workouts.

“London’s best extreme fitness classes

Are you ready to feel the burn? These hardcore workouts take no prisoners

So you wanna be a boxer? Training like a prizefighter is not for the faint of heart, but the fitness benefits are manifold. No two classes are the same at this punch-packing Shoreditch gym, and you can expect to cover an assortment of fighting techniques from across the world over the course of an intense ninety-minute session. With core work, sparring, weights and cardio circuits all on the agenda, you’ll be stinging like a bee in no time. BY DAVID CLACK”

“London’s best boxing gyms

You needn’t be Muhammad Ali to reap the benefits of boxing. As an exercise it can’t be bettered, as a sport it’s unmatched. All you need is passion and a place to train. Take a guard for GQ’s updated list of the best boxing gyms in London.  BY MAX WILLIAMS

Originally of Old Street, FighterFit was founded in 2008 by Francesco Tavormina, former alumni of Islington Boxing Club. Rapid success caused the gym to make the short move to Shoreditch in 2014. FighterFit offers a range of different classes; alas the summertime workouts in Shoreditch Park have just passed, but classes of boxing, and strength and conditioning, should keep you busy, as well as sparring clinics for the bold. A modern outlook is signalled by the nutrition and protein products on sale, perfect for post-workout consumption. And you even do yoga: power yoga for boxers, vinyasa flow to relax the muscles. Anthony Joshua is among yoga’s many boxing advocates.”

“London leads the pack in stylish ways to get fit

There are plenty of creative ways to merge fitness and recreation in this city, from high energy cardio blasts to team playing workouts. Find the latest and greatest here.

The oldest sport: FighterFit. Francesco Tavormina co-founded FighterFit in 2008, after several years coaching at Islington Boxing Club. Bringing his knowledge to Shoreditch, it’s a great companion to gym-going – or a total replacement if you’re inclined. City workers, celebrities and royalty have turned to FighterFit for training. It’s not hard to see why: benefits other than a body-sculpting workout include dramatically increased self-defense skills and improved co-ordination. fighterfit.com BY DEAN MAYO DAVIES

“London’s most intense workouts

Seconds from Shoreditch High Street, FighterFit Gym specialises in top quality boxing and fitness training. Using a constantly refreshed array of training methods from all over the world, their Shoreditch gym guarantees you a full body workout, with practical lifelong skills to match. FighterFit classes are for real and pack a hard punch, but we’re also a big warm and fuzzy family, so whatever your shape, size, fitness or experience, you will feel safe and welcome at the gym. FighterFit classes are 1 ½ hours long, it’s hot and sweaty, and you will leave your session feeling completely fulfilled.”

“NUMBER 1 Best Boxing Gym In London