Nothing but Sparring.

So you’ve been training a while, feeling strong, enjoying your sparring rounds, but want to get more experience in the ring..

sparcoachinglittlepinkNothing compares to the physical demands put upon you in the ring and the daddy of all teachers is experience – so this class will give you just that.

With class numbers strictly limited and sparring partners chosen to match your weight and experience, you will be guided and mentored through each round. A great opportunity to really put all of your skills into practice.

This class is strictly for existing FighterFit customers only. If you are interested, speak to your coach at your class or drop us a message via our contact page and we’ll let you know when the next sparring clinic starts.


Not been to FighterFit before, but want to sign up?

If you have boxing experience and want to join our sparring classes, you are of course welcome, however you must attend at least one FighterFit class before you can be considered for the Sparring Clinic. This is to enable our coaches to assess your level and ensure you are partnered with someone well matched to your size, fitness and skill level.

If you have any questions, please contact us.