Beginners Yoga Workshop

In this stand-alone 2 hour beginners yoga fitness workshop, you will discover what yoga can offer you and your training in a relaxed, supportive and friendly environment. You will leave this class with basic key skills which will provide immediate and noticeable improvement.

“Zoe was great at making me feel relaxed about my lack of flexibility…. She explained everything very clearly and made it a very enjoyable class.”

What you can expect

A small supportive class where you will learn yoga basics that:

  • Work for you no matter your body shape, flexibility or physical restrictions.
  • Compliment and improve your boxing technique, strength, focus and speed.
  • Support all health and fitness regimes.
  • Help heal and prevent wrist, shoulder, knee of back pain.
  • Combat posture habits that could be affecting your health and fitness.
  • Reduces muscle tension and tightness.
  • Increase flexibility
  • Focuses and calms your mind.

*This class includes a Q & A during which you can ask any questions about specific issues you are dealing with.


“Zoe was fantastic. Yoga can be pretty daunting for a total beginner, but Zoe made me feel at ease and welcome, and really broke down the basics so that you fully understand what you’re meant to be doing, rather than just copy and/or guess what the instructor is doing, as has been the case in other yoga classes I’ve been to.”

“A fantastic session ..will be back again!”