Benefits of Yoga

The benefits of adding yoga to your workout are endless, none of which are lost on the boxing community. We teach yoga for all levels and capabilities, with a specific understanding of the demands placed on your body when you work and train hard – in any sport.

Just like our boxing classes, no two yoga classes are the same, with each class modified to the needs of the students present, you will experience variation, fun and immediate benefit. We understand that all bodies are different so your practice will be tailored to you, as you are guided towards a steady progression.

Yoga for HEALTH. Yoga for FITNESS. The ultimate rehab for your body and every body.

  • Injury Rehabilitation & Prevention
  • Reduce Tension in shoulders, back & head.
  • Quicker Recovery Between Training sessions
  • Soothe tight/tired muscles After Training
  • Improve Posture
  • Increase flexibility
  • Reduce Stress
  • Speed up Reactions
  • Increase Core & Joint Strength
  • Supports Health Issues


  • Yoga here is inclusive.
  • You will feel instantly welcomed.
  • You become part of the FighterFit community.
  • Your body will be accepted and your limitations and capabilities respected.

It’s not taken too seriously here! You are guaranteed fun, leaving the classes feeling buzzed and your body on top physical form. Trust us.

THE STYLE: Vinyasa flow, mixed with Power yoga and Forrest yoga. Learn more.

Types of FighterFit Yoga Class

Brand new to yoga? Take our 4 week Intro to Yoga Course. It’s perfect for beginners.

If you’ve taken yoga before our Power Yoga is the one for you.