Charlotte has been sporty her whole life, has a real competitive streak on the track 😲 (though you'd never know from this picture, would you?). Oh, she also hated yoga at drama school! However, after finding the right class some years later, yoga changed her life. It offered her a way to check in with herself, maintain her competitive edge and keep pushing her body to its limits, injury free.

It was Charlotte's own bumpy journey into yoga that sparked her passion to help make yoga accessible to more people. Particularly, those who are seeking a solution, but have come to feel that yoga is not for them.

In Charlotte’s fun and challenging classes, you will discover what works for your body. Whatever your starting point, you will learn to connect your practice to your life and your boxing and develop an action plan for your progression. She will help you be your best, inside and outside the ring.

Charlotte practices Sacred Geometry Vinyasa and it is accessible for all, from beginner to advance.

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