Covid 19 Information

Unless the government instruct otherwise


This means;

• KEEPING FIGHTERFIT GYM SAFE AND UPLIFTING for you to stay physically and mentally strong. Exercise is key to maintain strong immunity - so it is important that we all remain as active as possible.

• REMAINING CONNECTED AS A COMMUNITY. Community, support and mental rest bite has never been more important, so we are focused more than ever on being the best part of your day.

• STAYING NIMBLE as things potentially change in the coming weeks and months.

• ASKING YOUR HELP by adhering to new policies regarding health and hygiene and remaining patient and flexible with us in the event of required amendments needed in the near future.


In order to help everyone feel safe, we have implemented the following:

Our part:

1 Gym mats are always sanitised daily. However, we are now increasing this to after each use, wherever possible. This means, each mat will be sanitised 2-3 times per day.

2 Equipment is sanitised after every use.

3 Rented boxing gloves are always cleaned and sanitised between uses and never used more than once per day. So this will not change.

4 We will be limiting class numbers.

Your part:

5 ALL customers and staff must clean their hands as soon as they arrive at the gym. Even if you are training/working alone. Soap and water is best, however, we have also installed sanitiser dispensers by the main door and in the reception seating area as well. Please do not feel offended if you are reminded.

6 We will no longer be accepting cash. All in-person transactions will be by card or app.

7 Any customers or staff who are sick or have a cough will not be admitted to the gym. We would ask you to take a week off in alignment with the government self-isolation guidelines. Please remember that many people are fearful, so even if you feel fine, you may cause fear in others.

8 Please do not come to the gym if you have travelled abroad in the last 7 days.

9 Please make sure your social media and email notifications for FighterFit are on, so we can contact you with important information and updates. Please also check that the contact information we have for you is correct.


1 LIVE ONLINE CLASSES: In order to serve those who are either self-isolating or working from home, we will be trialling live online classes. We have decided that live is best, to retain as much of the FF, vibe, energy and connection is possible.

2 MORE SELF-TRAINING AVAILABILITY: If you would still like to train at the gym, but are keen to reduce your contact with others by avoiding peak hours on public transport or at the gym itself, we are also opening more self-training sessions at the gym.

3 STAY CONNECTED: Keeping you connected to the FighterFit community is a high priority, not only for health and immunity but also the mental health of those of us struggling. Whether you can attend in person, or online, it is important that you keep your physical health and spirits up. And what better way to do this than together?