FighterFit FAQ

1I’ve done boxercise before, it is like that?
No.. FighterFit Boxing London teach you real, practical boxing skills that will get you into the best shape of your life. Whether you just want fun, fitness or to compete, you will definitely learn how. Your skillset and technique will be continually stretched and developed. Boxing with FighterFit is a lifelong journey that can lead wherever you choose.
2What should I bring/wear to my first class?
Just your normal training gear is fine. You will need a pair of hand wraps to protect your wrists, these can be purchased at the gym. You will also need some water during your training, which we also sell.
3Is all equipment supplied?
With the exception of your bandages and mouth guards, all equipment you need is provided, including gloves, skipping ropes etc. If you train with us regularly you may prefer to purchase your own gloves. If you require advice on which gloves to buy, your trainer will be more than happy to help point you in the right direction.
4Is there a space to lock up my bicycle?
If you are cycling, you can park your bike outside the gym. There is limited fence space to which you can attach your chain.
5Can I park my car/motorbike?
There is a very small car park here, however, unfortunately this cannot be used by customers. There are many side roads seconds away from our boxing gym. Motorcyclists should have no problem parking close to the gym – but again there are not guarantees.
6What types of people come to the gym?
We have an array of different clients at our gym, all with the same thing in common – that they want to have a fun workout and learn the art of boxing. From actors to business executives, everyone mingles together here.
7Can I learn to box competitively?
Absolutely. Come along to one of our FighterFit boxing classes and have a chat with the trainer.
8Sparring in the ring?
Each client will have the opportunity to spar. All sparring is fully supervised “body sparring”, which means it is below the neck – so no punches in the head! However, more experienced boxers are welcome to head spar with the appropriate head gear. For those who are new to sparring and a little nervous, there are also options for even less contact.
9Do I have to spar if I don’t want to?
Not at all. Sparring is a great way to put together all the skills you have learned and is great fun, however, sparring is not always for everybody – particularly first timers. You may choose to opt out to start with and then have a go after a few sessions. It is completely up to you.
10I really like sparring.. Can I do more?
Certainly. Let the trainer know you would like more rounds and he will do his best to fit you in. We also run sparring only classes for customers who want more experience in the ring. Just register your details with the trainer. Please note that the sparring class is only open to existing FighterFit customers.
11Why should I train with FighterFit?

Everyone is welcome at our gym, men and woman of all ages and fitness levels. Our classes are fully interactive, fun and extremely effective. If you find going to the gym a chore and need inspiration – then FighterFit is most definitely for you. It beats the treadmill by a mile! Our atmosphere is second to none and we challenge you not to leave with a smile on your face!

Plus, you will benefit from all the following..

  • Dramatically increased fitness levels
  • Learn self defense
  • Lose weight
  • Overall increase in strength and stamina
  • Improved hand eye co-ordination
  • Vastly improve self confidence
  • Increase muscle tone
  • De-stress
  • Re-vitalise
  • Stay healthy
12How Fit to I need to be to start with?
It really doesn’t matter how fit you are to start with. So long as you are in good health, we will get you Fighter Fit in no time. And if you’re already Fighter Fit, we will take your fitness and skill-set to the next level. However, no matter what fitness level you are at, you should come expecting to be challenged. That’s what it’s all about.