FighterFit Boxing Classes

FighterFit boxing classes are 1 ½ hours long. Our experience demonstrates that in order to incorporate a warm up, full body workout and complete cool down and stretch AND learn, hone and develop your boxing skills – this is just right the right amount of time. This ensures that not only can you continuously develop and correct your technique but, you will leave your session feeling completely fulfilled.

No two FighterFit boxing classes are ever the same, so the following is a loose guide. Each class varies dependent on the requirements and experience of the members taking part, but is generally broken down into the following 4 sections:

1 – A group warm up, which includes cardio, stretches and technique.

2 – The class is split into pairs to complete a boxing circuit in a series of 2/3 minute rounds with 1 minute breaks in between. Stations include bags, pads, sparring, shadow boxing, core exercises, weights and many more. This section makes up the majority of your full body, technique driven workout.

3 – For the final section of the workout, a full-on continuous cardio group circuit before finally…

4 – Dimmed lights and relaxing music changes the atmosphere for your full cool down and stretch.

Lunchtime & Morning Classes

To fit with your busy schedule our lunchtime class is faster and more focused to your individual needs. With smaller, less structured classes, you really can benefit from the coaches wisdom and fast track your progression.