Fitness and Safety Standards



The safety of our community has always been our top priority and we’re even more focused on it now. We have made some changes at the gym – all of which are designed to keep us all safe. As a community, we are all in this together and it is important that we all do our part, so many of these changes REQUIRE YOUR HELP in understanding and keeping to these new guidelines as well as remaining flexible in the event of further amendments. Here are the changes you can expect.

• HEIGHTENED CLEANING PROTOCOL - In addition to normal cleaning procedures, all common areas with high touch surfaces will be cleaned with a disinfectant proven to kill viruses like COVID-19 after every class. High touch surfaces include: • Boxing bags • The boxing ring• Door handles • light switches • sanitisers • bathrooms • sinks • toilets • the front desk • benches. .

• COMPULSORY TEMPERATURE CHECKS - Upon your arrival at the gym, you will be required to have your temperature checked using our non-contact wall thermometer. If your temperature is above 38°C you will not be permitted to train. You will then be asked to wait 10 days before returning.

• STAFF HEALTH CHECKS - Every member of staff and instructor will have their temperature checked each day. If an elevated temperature is detected, the class will be run by another coach or cancelled, and the necessary precautions taken. The member of staff will also be asked to return only after 10 days.

• SOCIAL DISTANCING & SCHEDULE CHANGES - To avoid congestion and to make time for additional cleaning measures between classes, we have temporarily reduced our schedule, allowing a break between classes. Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes ahead of your class. If you are early, please wait outside.

• REDUCED CLASS NUMBERS- Maximum class numbers have been reduced. As all booking is online, where available slots have been cut.

• SOCIAL DISTANCING WHILE TRAINING - Class numbers will be limited. Training spaces will also be marked out on the floor. Please remain inside your allocated space during your training and be mindful of maintaining social distance from anyone with whom you don’t share a household.

• INCREASED AIR CIRCULATION - In addition to the air-conditioning unit, we have a high-powered ventilator which will keep air moving. As well as keeping external doors open where possible.

• BOXING GLOVE HIRE - Boxing gloves, which have usually had a maximum hire rate of once per day (allowing 24 hours to be dry and be disinfected) will now be hired out at a maximum of once every 48 hours. As usual, they will only be rented out once they are entirely disinfected and dry. This will reduce the availability of boxing gloves. The cost of hiring boxing gloves will now be £2.

• BOXING GLOVE PURCHASE - In addition to renting boxing gloves, you will now be able to purchase FighterFit boxing gloves.

• LEAVING GLOVES AND CLOTHES AT GYM - No gloves or boxing training equipment can be left at the gym either in lockers or elsewhere. Any gloves or clothing found will immediately be disposed of. Please make sure you take your gloves and training gear home with you to prevent loss.

• CANCELLATION POLICY - To ensure that as many people can train as possible, we will strictly be enforcing our cancellation policy. Please remember to cancel 8 hours before the start of the class. Please pay special attention if you have an unlimited pass, as missed classes will be charged at the full single attendance rate.

• BRING YOUR OWN WATER - Until further notice, the water fountains and water bottles will be unavailable for use. Please arrive with a full bottle of water for the class. And again, be sure to take it with you when you leave. Any left bottles will immediately be disposed of.

• COME DRESSED FOR CLASS - Wherever possible please come dressed ready to train.

• SANITISER - Sanitiser will be available. Please ensure you sanitise hands immediately on arrival using one of the sanitisers near the entrance.

• FACE COVERINGS AND PROTECTIVE GLOVES - Face coverings are optional throughout the class, with the exception of pads. We will no longer be running pads during classes, however, if you do participate in a pads workout, both parties must wear a face covering. Protective gloves are encouraged if you come into contact with gym equipment. Please bring your own as we will not be providing these.

• PADS AND SPARRING - Until such time as it is safe to do so, there will be no pads or sparring during FighterFit classes. If pads are done at the gym, both parties must wear protective face masks.

•LOCKERS UNAVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE - Please only bring your necessities to the gym.