Good to Know

Arriving at your first session

Please arrive 10 minutes early. We will use this time to show you the lay out of the class, get you wrapped up and go through your boxing stance and basic punches ready for your training.

What to bring

Workout clothes: You can wear your usual workout clothes.
Boxing hand wraps: You can buy from us if you don't have already. These are free with the Beginners Boxing Course.
Boxing gloves: These are free to hire with our introductory offers. Once your chosen introductory offer has expired, you can choose rent gloves per class or buy your own.

Have fun

Going to your first boxing class can be intimidating. But do not worry-  we've all been there as soon as you arrive, you'll see we make every effort to make our gym relaxed and safe. You will be pushed, but will also be training at your own pace. Whatever your fitness or experience, you'll have a great time. So just relax and have fun.

Getting started with the fundamentals

Check out our quick video guide to the fundamentals of boxing.