Jody started her boxing journey over 15 years ago, as a customer in a class, just like you. Then a few years later, founded FighterFit with Francesco - doing what she calls "all the boring stuff". But really she loves it!

The confidence and fitness she gained from boxing training spurred a passion to help bring as many people as possible to a place where they can learn new skills, make new friends and experience a true release from the daily grind.

Having experienced both, stale, machine filled gyms and smaller gyms that felt cliquey and exclusive, Jody now focuses all her energies on making sure you feel welcome and supported at FighterFit. She loves nothing more than seeing your progression and life changes as a result of great training, in a great environment, with great people.

You probably won't see much of Jody, but if the moon is full and you squint, you may just catch her in a class or at front of house. 😃

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