Our Team

A class is nothing without a great teacher – and we have the best! … It’s OK – it’s not bragging if it’s true! It’s our flexible and diverse training methods that have cemented our reputation as one of the UK’s leading boxing training providers. Though to be honest, we actually think we are the best. Our coaches are fully qualified fitness professionals who are passionate about ensuring optimum fitness and health is achievable, fun and long lasting.

FRANCESCO – Founder / Head coach

You won’t find a coach more dedicated to your training success, enjoyment and personal progression than this guy. Meet Francesco.

SAMI – Boxing Coach

Very few people know FighterFit like Sami. He has been with us from the very start, training, teaching and learning the ropes to become one of our most popular class coaches. Meet Sami.

ANGELO – Coach & Personal Trainer

“Boxing is my passion, my love, my dream and my obsession”. Meet Angelo

NADIR – Boxing Personal Trainer

Want to learn the art of boxing from an active professional and have fun on the way? Then meet Nadir.

JODY – Founder

Blink and you’ll miss this one. Meet Jody.


In her fun and challenging classes, you will discover what works for your body – no matter where you’re starting from. Meet Charlotte.


OK, we have to be honest. She’s not the best at boxing or anything to do with boxing, but she does give the best cuddles.

HAZEL – Boxing Coach

We love this woman! There is literally nothing that she can’t do. With multiple ABA National and European boxing titles, Hazel certainly knows her way around the ring…  Meet Hazel.

ZOE – Yoga

Who would have guessed that when we introduced yoga to our schedule a few years ago, that it would start our boxing-class regular Zoe, on her journey to becoming a yoga teacher herself?  Meet Zoe.

JONATHAN – Boxing Coach

Over a decade of boxing experience has encouraged Jonathan to practices an ethos tailored towards quality training and technique, comradeship, respect and most importantly, fun!  Meet Jonathan.