Personal Training

Boxing Personal Training

Tailor made sessions, designed for you.

Whether you're looking to improve on sparring, hone your boxing technique or even just like to have a coach focusing on you for the whole hour, (which you deserve, cos you're specialšŸ˜‡) your own personal boxing trainer could be just what you need.

We all have different needs, desires and goals and the beauty of personal training is you choose exactly what we focus on. From motivation and confidence building, through to fight prep and all that's in between, we have you covered.

This is your session, so let us know what you want to work on and and we shall deliver.

So give us a shout and let us know what you're after!

Already spoken to us? For pricing and to book your boxing personal training session?

Corporate Fitness Training

Let's take your team to new levels with group boxing training.

Expect team work, comradeship, banter, sweat and laughs. Basically a really fun session. Oh, and an awesome boxing workout to suit all members of your team.

Whatever the mix of fitness and skill in your bunch, we will push and inspire and succeed, as one. Helping you build a more confident and bonded team that enjoys the hard work and the rewards together. Fast-tracked growth for all individuals in a group experience packed with positive energy. Warning: side affects include entire teams leaving energised and raring to go.

If you think your team can handle it, drop us a line with your requirements.