Power Yoga

Release. Restore. Rehabilitate.


The ultimate physical restoration for boxers. This powerful 75 minute class will challenge your entire body and refresh & restore you for the week ahead. Sweat, be surprised by your capabilities and discover a yoga that works for you.

This open level class is ideal for anyone who has touched on yoga before, whether intermittently or regularly. We encourage modification. Rest when your knackered, challenge and up level when you really want to go for it! SAFE alignment is also a key focus – you will not be pushed beyond your limits, but guided safely to progress at a pace that suits your body.

Don’t get it twisted – we ain’t about to mix-it! Yoga does wonders for you and your boxing and to harness it’s full benefits, we practice it independently and in its pure form. As with all we do at FighterFit, it’s not a trend, but a life changing activity that will benefit you in all areas of your life, for the rest of your life.

You need to try out this magic. It really works. (You can thank us later!)

Anthony Crolla says: “I’ve been doing yoga three or four years now and it has played a big part in my training. It helps with breathing and makes you more flexible and supple. “If anyone thinks it’s a ‘soft’ thing to do, all I would say is go and try and then tell me it’s soft.”

“I’ve tried Yoga quite a few times and never felt connected to it. This lady cast a spell on me today, she was brilliant! FighterFit has the best yoga teacher” Pamela