Beginners Boxing Course

Our Intro to Boxing course, will give you the best possible start in boxing. Ideal for those who’ve never boxed before and those with very limited experience. This is a fantastic, supportive and safe opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the sweet science and build fitness.

Consisting of 8 x 60 minute classes, this course will give you the best foundation in all the key areas of boxing. From getting started with putting on wraps, stance and footwork, to the main 6 punches all boxers must master, bag work, pads and shadow boxing. Learning from the best coaches in the business, this focused training will give you a head start, putting you on the fast track to achieving your goals, whatever they may be.

At the end of this beginner’s course, you will be in possession of a new skill set and increased confidence. Fully prepped for the next phase of your boxing training journey.

This is a small class to give you maximum attention and all participants sign up for the entire 8 sessions.

Get as Fit as a Fighter.

This fast-paced boxing circuit class is the ultimate 360 boxing training experience. Great, whatever your fitness level or experience. After an initial group warm up, you’ll work your stations in pairs or small groups, tailoring each exercise to your fitness and experience level. As your fitness and skill increase with each class, you’ll progress with more advanced boxing techniques and drills. The class finishes with a full fitness burst and warm down, leaving you feeling ready to take on the world.

  • All levels
  • Boxing Skills
  • Stamina and Strength
  • Overall Fitness

Boxing Personal Training.

Whatever your goals, fast track your progression with your very own FighterFit boxing training coach. Working with a personal trainer you’ll focus on your specific needs and see your results shoot to the next level, discovering abilities you never knew you had. Prices start from £60 per hour. So give us a shout by our contact us page or schedule a call.

Boxing Personal Training London

Boxing Coaching - It's all about you!

Whatever your goals, fast track your progression with your very own FighterFit boxing training coach. Working with a personal trainer on your specific needs, you'll see your results will shoot to the next level and discover abilities you never knew you had.

Boxing PT sessions cost £60 per hour

So give us a shout!

Corporate Fitness Training

Let's take your team to new levels with group boxing training.

Expect teamwork, comradeship, banter, sweat and laughs. Oh, and an awesome boxing workout to suit all members of your team.

Whatever the mix of fitness and skill in your bunch, we will push and inspire and succeed, as one. Fast-tracked growth for all individuals in a group experience packed with positive energy. Warning: side affects include entire teams leaving energised and raring to go.

If you think your team can handle it, drop us a line for a quote.