Sat 30th November 2024





  • Up to 10 Boxing matches (each comprising of 3 rounds of 2 minutes) with judging and a referee.
  • A limited ticketing event with a party atmosphere with live DJ's, food and drinks
Your commitment to us

  • Commitment and enthusiasm to 8 weeks of boxing training (camp dates at bottom of page)
  • Upfront deposit (returned upon fight completion and sale of 15 tickets)
  • Fight Camp Super Heavyweight membership  (This replaces your current membership for the 8 week duration)

Our commitment to you

8 week Fight Camp. Guidance and support to get you ready. Unlimited classes plus 20 Fight specific training sessions – with some surprises. (dates at bottom of page)

  • Provision of your kit to include vest or t’shirt and boxing gloves.
  • All fights will be extremely well matched and competitive.
  • Regular training reviews
  • Nutritional guidance 
  • All backstage support and subsistence.
  • Medals & awards including best boxer of the night and fight of the night!
  • A personal video tape of your fight
  • Professional photos of you on the night.
  • First post fight drink on us!
  • Optional 1 on 1 post fight review with your coach to help you learn and grow like the pros do.

Fight Camp only option

  • Full fight camp training and experience without the need to compete.
  • Free ticket to attend the Fight Night event.

Fight Camp & Competition

£250 deposit: This will secure your fight slot. To be returned upon the sale of 15 tickets and completion of your fight. 

Super-Heavyweight Fight Camp membership: For the duration of the Fight Camp you will be signed up to our 8 Week Super-Heavyweight Fight Camp membership (£175 per 4 wks). This will automatically replace your current membership for the 8 weeks only.

Fight Camp Only

Want to immerse yourself in Fight Camp without the pressure of the Fight? Simply pay the 8 week Super-Heavyweight membership in advance for £350 and get your gloves on. Then come along to the event with your FREE ENTRY, kick back and enjoy the show!


Monday 7th October – Friday 29th November 2024

In addition to having access to all FighterFit classes, the following Fight Camp sessions will take place to help you prepare:

Every Tuesday 7:00am – 8:30am 

Every Thursday 7-8.30pm.

Every other Saturday: 10-11am (exact dates tbc)

What Previous Fighters Say...

Stepping into the ring for a fight wasn't on my radar when I first walked into the gym. Back then, I just wanted to be in shape. But through the sweat, friendships, and the expert guidance of coach Francesco, boxing transformed into something far more meaningful.

When the first Fight Night was announced, self-doubt whispered: "This isn't you". It is easy to listen to those voices, I had a million reasons why I shouldn't step into that ring. But I silenced them, trusting Francesco's guidance and pushing past my comfort zone. And you know what? I am glad I did.

Fight Camp leading up to the fight was intense. Francesco expertly guided us, helped us unlock abilities we never knew we possessed, and pushed us to our limits. It was a wild ride of self-discovery, fueled by countless punches and an ever-growing sense of camaraderie with my fellow boxers.

When Fight Night arrived, FighterFit put on an incredible show. From the first bell to the final punch, it was exhilarating and empowering.

Winning or losing fades into the background. It's the journey that defines the experience, filled with sweat, laughter, and self-discovery. Trust me, you won't regret taking that first step.

I can't recommend Francesco and his program enough, whether you're looking to test your limits, build confidence, or simply enjoy boxing; this is the place. It's more than just a fight; it's a journey you won't forget, and I'm already buzzing for round two!


Fight night was an incredible experience from start to finish. The skills learnt, fitness gained and friendships made, ensured the fight night itself was an event I'll never forget. Whatever your level, Francesco will guide and prepare you to be ready. I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone.


Fighting competitively has been something I have wanted to do for years, but until I met Francesco and began training at FighterFit, I never felt I was ever going to be good enough and I simply lacked the confidence in myself to do so.

But unlike other boxing gyms I have trained at, Francesco has created a unique and welcoming culture at FighterFit which supports any one, of any level to be the best that they can be. So when he announced his first Fight Night, I signed up immediately. Within just 8 weeks or so, the intense training during Fight Camp took my ability beyond anything I would have expected of myself previously and was nothing short of life changing. I am well and truly addicted now, and am already considering my second fight. I would recommend this for anyone looking to learn about themselves and what they are capable of.


The Fight Night marked the pinnacle of my two-year boxing journey with Fighter Fit. It was a formidable undertaking that led to the highest possible emotional high a boxer can reach. I am proud to have shared the Fight Camp journey with a squad of the most motivated, dedicated, and inspiring boxers, all under the guidance of the demanding (yet great fun!) coach, Francesco. The main event was an unforgettable experience for both the audience and the fighters alike - a night filled with excitement, anticipation, joy, and the happiest vibes throughout. To be repeated!


I would’ve never thought I’d step into the ring on Fight Night when I started boxing to prove those who thought I couldn’t commit to anything in life wrong. Over the years and especially in the run up to my first fight, boxing has become so much more to me than just a hobby or a form of exercise. It has given me strength, inspiration and a community. It’s taught me patience and resilience. The fight camp was a wild ride, a journey or self-discovery with an added bonus of throwing hundreds of punches and getting fitter than ever along the way. Shout out to the team who always pushed me to my limits! I’m thrilled to have come so far and buzzing to do it all again.