Why FighterFit?

Our FighterFit classes provide a thrilling and engaging way to get you into shape. If you have the mildest interest in the art of boxing – and even if you don’t – then there really is nowhere better.

For you and us to be successful, we believe your session must be fun, challenging and socially engaging.

Socially engaging?

Yes, we are here to get you into shape and develop your boxing skills, but we also strongly believe that your fitness regime should not be a separate occurrence to your social life. We enjoy being here and so do all our clients. We all know that there are times when the last thing we feel like doing is going to the gym, it is as times like this that the high energy, laughs and warm atmosphere of FighterFit will make all the difference. You will want to make that effort to come down – and you’ll always be glad you did. Keeping your fitness goals on target and you feeling refreshed and rewarded.

We are not a large gym chain with quiet music, minimal interaction and a lacklustre ambiance, so there’s no need to try and create your own itunes playlist to give you the motivation to finish that 7k run on the treadmill. Our classes are loud, unapologetic and engaging – a home from home where you can escape your daily stresses, revitalise and energise.

What our customers are saying…

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